About the Author

Future Studies is the ability to scratch yourself before it itches – and I believe we have a lot of scratching to do when it comes to the Futures of Finance.

Taking a long-term perspective, however, enables us to be part of the changes we see happening all around us and helps us take an active role in shaping the present developments.

My academic background in Future Studiesis and Political Science is framing my curiosity and passion for the Finance Sector. Since 2017 I am a Senior Researcher at 2bAhead, studying and analyzing the trends and drivers of the interrelated futures of the business world.

I am looking forward to giving you a very personal perspective on the Futures of Finance and hope to spark controversy as well as constructive discussions through opinions few of you will always agree on.

Only by challenging the status quo and the traditions of the Finance Sector will we be able to prepare for what is about to hit us.

Yours, Julia