2b AHEAD Speaker

With our Keynotes we take you on a fascinating journey into the future of our society and your business.  Reach out for more information!

Sven Gábor Jánszky

Founder & Chairman

With his numerous trend analyses on the living-, working-, and consumer worlds of the future and his management books “Rule Breakers – How the People Think Whose Ideas Are Changing the World” and “2020 – How We’ll Live in the Future,” Sven has emerged as the spokesperson for the lateral thinkers and innovators in German business. As a consultant, he coaches managers and companies and also leads the creative processes for developing future-oriented products and business models.

Michael Carl

Managing Director Research & Consulting

Michael’s focus are strategy recommendations tailored to the customer, which he boils down to their essence in his Keynote speeches, especially for the financial sector. He retains perspective while looking at the broad horizon of uncertainties in a long-term future. His expertise lie in the future of currencies, banks and financial institutes as well as how we will live, work, act and produce as a society in the future. He conveys the tectonic technological changes we are facing over the next ten years in an entertaining manner that relates to real life.

Kai Gondlach

Future Scientist & Senior Researcher

‘Don’t believe in the Mega Trends!’ is Kai’s motto. He conceptualizes the scientific Future Studies of the Think Tank and examines through his unique understanding the innovations, technologies and trends that hold most disruptive potential in the future – entirely without a crystal ball, but with the solid methodology of scientific Foresight. Futures are his passion and those who actively shape it his day to day correspondents.

Dr. Jörg Wallner

Director Innovation Management & Consulting

Jörg knows how to prepare a business for the industry 4.0, the mobility of the future, the digital revolution, and many more. He specializes in tailoring a comprehensive future strategy for your products and services centered around the future needs of your customers. In an exciting fashion he speaks about his broad practical experience in preparing business for the long term and reveals the right innovation strategy to unlock new business opportunities.

Sven Göth

Director Inspire & Disruptive Programs

As a Futurist and 5 Star Speaker Sven illustrates in his lectures vividly the dire need for business to change today in order to be relevant in the future.  He clarifies why Innovation holds such a crucial role in staying competitive and how leaders can facilitate the creation of new business models from where they are currently at.

Max Hergt

Director Enabling & Transformation Programs

Max is a Trend Researcher and 5 Star Speaker who knows about the current possibilities that the Digitalization holds for the future of businesses. His insider knowledge of Innovation processes, marketing and distribution, human resource development and the Startup culture reveals fascinating insights into how we will work and live tomorrow. In his lectures he guides the audience along the pathway of not just developing cutting-edge business models, but elaborates on how to bring the employees successfully on board with such an endeavor.