Enabling Relationships

I’ve talked a lot about the blockchain. I gave a few long-term directions the technology will be heading to and pointed out it’s economically mind-blowing potentials.

However, I have not yet talked about actual use cases and people working on real applications. Last week I took that opportunity and talked to Martin Glaser, the founder of a German Start up called Talisman.id. Talisman is still navigating the initial waters before launching their product but we were able to talk a lot about the business model, the tech and its future direction.

Talisman.id will first and foremost be an application for human to human interaction. It places human relationships in the center and enables them through a block chain ecosystem. The application will provide the user a way to build real connections with individuals matching their personality and interest, which they have never met before and might never have met otherwise.
Different to Facebooks recent direction however, this will not merely be about dating but about social connections we are increasingly deprived of in our modern, fast paced world. In the same way, the application will circumvent superficial parameters that lead people and their decisions by looks or first impressions. It will focus on the matching of parameters on a deeper level. A little bit like the old times – during the very beginning of the internet.

I am a sucker for the old times – I met my best friend online in a scroll down forum, while my modem was screeching a melody occupying the phoneline. It lasted our lifetime – and I clearly remember not even having seen a picture before we met was part of that. Today I see people swipe right and left in their coffee break – blatantly unsatisfied.

I really believe in this idea. I think we are in dire need to adapt how we seek and maintain relationships today – without stripping them of deeper connection, longevity and meaning. But the reason I am truly excited about Talisman is because it is an application that would work hand in hand with a blockchain, providing an ecosystem where you can earn and spent the native coin. A system where neither Google nor Amazon owns your data, but you. A decentralized approach, where people can get in touch with likeminded in a new way and a new economy – without the middle man. Be it over their gardening tips, their passion for feminism, mindfulness or a fable for wiener dogs.

So, what is the next step?
The focus is to release the app – this year!  The idea is to really create added value for the user – right from the beginning and on several levels. That means launching the app first and building an identity based blockchain later, as the next logical step in their evolution. Therefore, Ethereum will suffice as the blockchain of choice for the first version. For version 2.0 however, Talisman wants to create their own.

Figuring out whether to focus on building an entirely new blockchain, a separate ecosystem with its own crypto currency or just an application is a real challenge for so many in the field. These exciting times are full of opportunity and great things to create and accomplish. Everything is tempting to really get into. But focusing on a core mission and collaborating with a wide range of creative as well as impressive minds might just be as good of an option.

And then?
Probably an ICO. Because 2017 showed all of us, including the new economy naysayers, how this way of raising money for ventures and talent, especially in the startup sphere, is a real game changer.

Yours, Julia

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