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The gender issue exploded over the last year. The financial sector is probably one of the most male dominated industries there is. Therefore, I was intrigued to focus in this post on women who, against all odds, made it – and made it big. They take a path through the system that not only tells a commanding success story, but hold a lesson for the future of finance. One individual specifically has caught my attention long before I started to write about finance: Leda Glyptis.

Watch her interview:

‘She leads, writes on, lives and breathes transformation and digital disruption.’

I started to ponder. Is it really that simple? Are these exceptional women so successful in the world of finance just because they have a fresh perspective on the way things are done? I personally try to avoid this gender biased viewpoint arguing that personal success is about a person not their chromosomes. But that can also be very naïve. There is a systemic bias making us into two different people …

The truth is we are stuck to routines and we believe in traditions. They give us structure, mind frames and safety and they are often quite useful in the day to day. However, for true and meaningful innovation they are a big burden. They keep us from changing. They keep us from preparing for the tectonic changes that are happening all around us.
We hire New Work Gurus and Consultants; those who restructure processes, make them agile. Those externals have recipes – some work better, some less. We as future scientists for example have independent insights of where the industry is going, what trends and developments are hitting a business the hardest and know where the real opportunities lie.
However, what is done with these insights is back in the hands of visionary leaders and exceptional individuals, who are an integral part of the system. They stir the whole ship towards the future and actively shape the path ahead.

This for me is Leda Glyptis. She started out as an outsider to the banking system – and not just because she is a woman. Facing deep rooted adversities along the way and overcoming them makes one more likely to act and look for opportunities, then those who have had their career handed to them on a silver platter.
She has the courage to step forward and see that things don’t need to be a certain way and most definitely won’t be for much longer – making innovation happen herself. She sits in the driver seat.

And I deeply respect that.

Yours, Julia | 21 Feb 2018

Update 01 March 2018

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